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Übersetzung im Kontext von „Cheshire cat“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Like in the well-known adventure of Cheshire Cat from Alice in. Die Cheshire [ˈtʃɛʃə] Cat (Cheshire-Katze, in deutschen Übersetzungen Edamer-Katze, Grinsekatze oder Grinse-Katze) ist eine Figur aus dem Roman Alice. Cheshire Cat ist das Debütalbum der US-amerikanischen Rockband blink Es erschien am Februar über die Independent-Labels Cargo Music.

Out of utter embarrassment, she puts Alice on trial. Soon enough, the Queen sentences Alice to death by beheading, until she finds more mushrooms in her pocket, which causes her to grow to a gigantic size.

She then takes advantage of the opportunity and insults the Queen, but she shrinks down to her normal size once again.

The Cheshire Cat appears once more, repeating Alice's insults which causes the Queen to lose her temper, and this leads to the climactic chase.

In " Big Bad Wolf Daddy ", he was blown away leaving only his grin behind during the wolf's performance. In " Unplugged Club ", when Pete took out the club's battery, only his eyes and grin showed in the darkness.

In various episodes such as " Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation ", he could be seen clapping in a crowd with other characters when a cartoon has ended.

Snowed in at the House of Mouse. His tail and also half of his face and body can be briefly seen during the final shot. In the animated short Electric Holiday , the Cheshire Cat was one of the many Disney character guests to attend Minnie Mouse 's fashion show.

The Cheshire Cat was a supporting character in the series. He loves to play all manner of practical jokes on everyone, but even he occasionally performs some act of kindness.

Originally a friend of Alice, the Cheshire Cat appears many years later when she returns to Wonderland, now wild, ferocious, and apparently loyal to the Red Queen , in addition to being one of a monstrous size.

The Cheshire Cat encounters his "old friend" in Tulgey Wood and attempts to eat her due to a lack of food within the woods.

However, he is distracted by the Knave of Hearts and accidentally swallows a mushroom, causing him to shrink to the size of a house cat, prompting him to flee.

In the Alice in Wonderland stage, the Cheshire Cat's grin was among the obstacles that appear in the maze as the player seeks out Alice's missing head and back.

Despite this, the Cheshire Cat's image was among the heroes on the door to the storybook, confirming that he is one of them.

The Cheshire Cat appears in several games of the Kingdom Hearts series, although most of them are minor as they take place in Wonderland.

However, in Kingdom Hearts , his intentions appear to be ambiguous as he appears as either an ally or an enemy; he helps Sora during his visit to Wonderland, but also summons a Trickmaster Heartless against the group, although it appears he simply wants to test Sora towards these obstacles.

Other appearances of the Cheshire Cat also occurred in Kingdom Hearts: The Cheshire Cat briefly appears during the Alice in Wonderland mini-game during the player's free-fall down the rabbit hole.

He has a statue in Fantasyland. He his also mentioned by the Mad Hatter [1]. In the game, the Cheshire Cat is one of the many Disney characters kidnapped and taken to the Wasteland world of illusion, where an evil witch named Mizrabel plans to steal the essence of famous Disney characters to gain access to their world and dominating it.

After Alice who was also kidnaped is rescued, she gives Mickey Mouse the hero of the story the quest to find the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat.

He also appeared in the ride's finale as a giant head just before the Mad Tea Party scene, but was removed from it during the ride's refurbishment.

The Cheshire Cat also appears during World of Color 's finale. In the show, his animated face is seen in the water projectors, while the rest of his body is made completely of water.

The Cheshire Cat appears in the bubble montage in Fantasmic! During the parade, he demonstrates his powers by continuously disappearing leaving only his mouth, eyes, and nose in sight.

He currently makes daily appearances during the Dreaming Up! His grin is also featured in the attraction's garden. In , as part of the Disney Dreamers Everywhere!

The Mad Hatter Parade: Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration. Elliott The Fox and the Hound: Chicken Little The Princess and the Frog: Perry The Lion Guard: These privileges attracted many who "arrived as fugitives from justice and this seems to have become the principal motivation [for escaping to Cheshire from the Kings laws] as the Middle Ages wore on".

Certainly, dictionaries show the word "caitiff" derived from Old French or Anglo-Norman in terms such as "cowardly or base villain" or "mean despicable fellow", and with its diminutive "cat" meaning "a 'sharp' fellow" [6] [7] , as in the beat generation idiom.

The Cheshire Cat is now largely identified with the character of the same name in Lewis Carroll's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Alice first encounters the Cheshire Cat at the Duchess 's house in her kitchen, and later on the branches of a tree, where it appears and disappears at will, and engages Alice in amusing but sometimes perplexing conversation.

The cat sometimes raises philosophical points that annoy or baffle Alice ; but appears to cheer her when it appears suddenly at the Queen of Hearts ' croquet field; and when sentenced to death, baffles everyone by having made its head appear without its body, sparking a debate between the executioner and the King and Queen of Hearts about whether a disembodied head can indeed be beheaded.

At one point, the cat disappears gradually until nothing is left but its grin, prompting Alice to remark that "she has often seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat".

The name Pusey was suggested by Alice's deferential address of the cat as "Cheshire Puss". Pusey was an authority on the fathers of the Christian Church , and in Carroll's time Pusey was known as the Patristic Catenary or chain , after the chain of authority of Church patriarchs.

As a mathematician, Carroll would have been well familiar with the other meaning of catenary: Wilfrid's Church tower in Grappenhall , a village adjacent to his birthplace in Daresbury , Cheshire.

Another possible inspiration was the British Shorthair: Carroll saw a representative British Shorthair illustrated on a label of Cheshire cheese.

In , members of the Lewis Carroll Society attributed it to a gargoyle found on a pillar in St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh , where Carroll used to travel frequently when he lived in Guildford though this is doubtful as he moved to Guildford some three years after Alice's Adventures in Wonderland had been published and a carving in a church in the village of Croft-on-Tees , in the north east of England, where his father had been rector.

Carroll is believed [ according to whom? The Cheshire Cat character has been re-depicted by other creators and used as the inspiration for new characters, primarily in screen media film, television, video games and print media literature, comics, art.

Other non-media contexts that embrace the Cheshire Cat include music, business, and science. Prior to when Walt Disney released an animated adaptation of the story see below , there were few post-Alice allusions to the character.

Eliot had the Cheshire Cat in mind when writing Morning at the Window , but notes no other significant allusions in the pre-war period.

Images of and references to the Cheshire Cat cropped up with increasing frequency in the s and s, along with more frequent references to Carroll's works in general.

See generally the lyrics to White Rabbit by the rock group Jefferson Airplane. In the Disney animated film, Alice in Wonderland , the Cheshire Cat is depicted as an intelligent and mischievous character that sometimes helps Alice and sometimes gets her into trouble.

He frequently sings the first verse of the Jabberwocky poem. He sings a morose song called "There's No Way Home", which simply drives Alice to try and find a way home even more.

She acts as an ally and friend to Alice. British actor Stephen Fry voices the character. He is blamed by the Hatter for desertion when the White Queen is deposed by the Red; but later impersonates the Hatter when the latter is sentenced to decapitation.

Throughout his appearances, "Chess" is able to make himself intangible or weightless, as well as invisible and thus to survive decapitation , and is usually shown in mid-air, at shoulder-height to human-sized characters.

Each major film adaptation of Lewis Carroll's tale represents the Cheshire Cat character and his traits uniquely. In addition to the Cheshire Cat's appearances in films central to its Lewis Carroll origins, the Cheshire Cat has been featured in other cinematic works.

The late filmmaker Chris Marker gave his monumental documentary on the New Left movement of —, Le fond de l'air est rouge , the English title Grin Without a Cat.

Like the original, it signifies that revolution was in the air, but failed to take root. In the film, it is also stated: They end up engaging each other in combat until the Knave of Hearts arrives and throws a piece of one mushroom side into his mouth, which shrinks the Cat back to normal size, and he leaves.

Madness Returns , the Cheshire Cat is portrayed as an enigmatic, yet wise guide for Alice in the corrupted Wonderland.

In keeping with the twisted tone of the game, the Cheshire Cat is mangy and emaciated in appearance. His voice was provided by Roger L. Jackson , who also voiced the Mad Hatter and The Jabberwock in the game.

Cheshire Cat is used as a metaphor to explain several scientific phenomena:. Each eye sees two different views of the world, sends those images to the visual cortex where they are combined, and creates a three-dimensional image.

The Cheshire Cat effect occurs when one eye is fixated on a stationary object, while the other notices something moving.

Since one eye is seeing a moving object, the brain will focus on it, causing parts of the stationary object to fade away from vision entirely.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about a character mainly associated with Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

For other uses, see Cheshire Cat disambiguation. The Cheshire cat as illustrator John Tenniel envisioned it in the publication.

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In this adaptation, the Cheshire Video slots battle of slots has the ability to appear and disappear in any location. The Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The Cheshire Cat appears once more, repeating Alice's insults which causes the Queen to lose her temper, and this leads to the climactic chase. Archived from the original on 15 November Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures. He loves to play all manner of practical jokes on everyone, but even he occasionally performs some act of kindness. Character always depicted in good lighting with strong visibility, unlike other adaptations which obscure or shadow him. Marie Beste Spielothek in Niedermörsbach finden Acre Wood: The cat sometimes raises philosophical points that annoy or baffle Alice ; but appears to cheer her when it appears suddenly at the Queen of Hearts ' croquet field; and when sentenced to death, baffles everyone by having made its head appear without its body, sparking a debate between the executioner and the King and Queen of Hearts about whether a disembodied ski alpin herren can indeed be beheaded. He grins like a Cheshire cat ; said of any one who shows his teeth and gums in laughing. She, not wanting to associate with mad people, denies Beste Spielothek in Seeden finden advice, but he claims that everyone in Wonderland is mad, including himself. Media Adaptations Film Czechoslovak Australian

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